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The Dukha: Reindeer Herder/Hunters of Mongolia 


The Dukha are a small group of nomadic reindeer herders and hunters who live in northern Mongolia in the north-western section of Hovsgol Province, an area characterized by its forests, rivers, lakes and abundant wildlife, as well as by its remoteness.


The Baka: Life in the Forest


The Baka people, who live in Dja reserve in Cameroon maintain their lives by hunting and gathering in the forests they live. They rely on the forest for their basic needs; hunting wild game and collecting plants, fruits and nuts from the forest. 

NEW BOOK (June 2021) 


Magma Bahçesinden: Rengeyiği Türkleri

Dukhalar kimdir, nerede yaşarlar?

BOOK REVIEW by Alex Oehler

Latest DOCUMENTARY for ARTE (2021)
RE: Istanbul Rubbish Collectors

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